Getting Branded Online

  Discover Phase

Initial contact and the scheduled consultation involves getting to know you and your business, as we discuss design expectations, website goals, and your own involvement in the web branding process. During this stage, we will discover and explore together the ways in which, with your continued cooperation, I can best brand your business online. A proposal and agreement will conclude the discovery phase, and upon receipt of research and development fee, we will move on to the next stages of the branding process.


  Definition Phase

A detailed assessment is essential in defining and shaping the unique needs and goals of each client. This begins with in-depth SEO research and analysis of your brand, target location, and content, which allows for your designer to outline exactly how to best enhance your web content for optimal search engine inclusion. Your web designer will review and make recommendations that will lend themselves to ensuring website usability, credibility, and accessibility. Being branded online by Branded by Web Design means that your site will have a clearly defined online presence you can count on.


  Design Phase

The information acquired during our “discover” and “define” stages of the branding process lends itself to certain themes, colors, fonts, and site aesthetics which then come together to create an initial frame work or story board for your website. We will focus on graphical and textual content development and enhancement, which will be based on recommendations inspired by the SEO analysis and keyword research reports. Upon review of the storyboard, your web designer will make any necessary revisions and modifications to the design for your final approval.


  Development Phase

Upon storyboard approval, your web designer will begin the development of your website, coding and creating individual pages, integrating content and keywords, and optimizing and enhancing user experience. This is by far the most extensive phase of the branding process, as each page must be carefully and diligently developed to ensure that your website meets the expectations and demands of present day web design standards. Concluding the development phase, your designer will perform cross platform and browser testing to ensure smooth and cohesive access and viewing of your website.


  Deployment Phase

Prior to launching your website, your web designer diligently works to ensure the highest quality design and functionality of your website.  Before your site goes live, you will be asked to review and make notes of any desired changes in a timely fashion. Your designer will then add the finishing touches, and present your polished website to you for final client approval. Following search engine submissions, business listings, and social media account creations, your web designer will launch the final branded design. You will officially have a Branded by Web Designs website, giving you the highly personalized and unique online presence you deserve.

Why do you need a website?

Attract more new visitors

Search engines give priority to websites that are mobile friendly and fully integrated with quality content and user-friendly interfaces. Is your website optimized for optimal search engine ranking?


Make a stronger first impression

Consider where you need visitors to go and what do you need them to do. You have 10 seconds to keep or lose a visitor, making quality design and engaging content imperative to brand success.


Guide more visitors toward goals

A well-designed, interactive, and informative website provides a positive and memorable experience with your brand that guides visitors towards a defined goal or call to action.


Empower your brand to succeed

With mobile friendly, user-centered designs and quality content integration your visitors are more likely to reach the final point of sale that your organization or brand depends on for success.


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